Wednesday, August 9, 2017

King of Pop Footsteps

Bonjour bloggers

Today Rm 8,9 and 6 went to the hall to dance.

One thing that was challenging when we where dancing was when we had to do all the moves with the music because the music was fast.

One reason we should get Kate to come back and teach us how to dance is because I can't dance and I want to learn how to dance.


  1. Hi there Amanda I really like how you are motivated to dance because I want to learn how to dance because dancing is fun keep up all the good work blog to you in te future bye

  2. kia ora amanda i liked the way yous dance and you guys are good

  3. Hi Amanda, my name is Nevayah and I go to Waima School.
    I like how you dance, you are all pretty good.

  4. Kia Oia Amanda,
    You have some cool dance moves I hope to see more on your blog!
    By Emilly and Rhianna